Why ECOtanka


ECOtanka was born from an idea back in 2004, when Aaron went looking to buy just one bottle that was not Glass, Plastic or Aluminium to avoid chemicals in his drinking water. Why Stainless Steel? Stainless Steel is free from all the chemicals that are in most other bottles, Stainless Steel also provided a bottle that would not expose light to drinking water there by keeping the drink fresher and cleaner. Drink bottle liquid that is exposed to light will grow bacteria.

  • ECOtanka is an environment-conscious brand from New Zealand since 2005.
  • ECOtanka offers a 2-year warranty on faulty manufacturing products.
  • ECOtanka offers quick, easy and friendly customer support with replacement parts readily available.
  • ECOtanka was one of the first stainless steel bottle brands on the market in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, with the vision of reducing and replacing plastic bottles. A Quality bottle is made to last, nothing compares to the standard of an ECOtanka brand.

  • ECOtanka raw materials are mostly imported from a variety of countries including Germany, USA, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.
  • ECOtanka sources all product components separately.
  • All ECOtanka products are subject to a strict QA and 100% Quality Control Process before shipping.
  • All Stainless Steel bottles, lids, cups and lunch boxes can be made from varying grades of materials and have different thickness which would reflect in the price of a product. ECOtanka uses verified 18/8 304 stainless steel, whereas most competitors may only use stainless steel 201.
  • ECOtanka's plastic lids are all BPA & BPS FREE and are made from a very high-grade PP#5 lasting much longer than our competitors.

  • ECOtanka designs all of its own products and specifications to ensure a quality product.
  • ECOtanka performs onsite testing along with third party testing of all materials for safety and customer satisfaction.

  • ECOtanka makes sure to only use non-toxic and environmentally friendly paints.
  • ECOtanka recognises the effects on the environment and ensures 100% plastic free packaging to minimise waste to keep our world clean.

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